Back Up Pillow

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The Back Up Pillow

Easier On The Back.....Harder On The Abs

The Back Up Pillow® enables you to decompress the hip joint and spinal column by raising and tilting the pelvic area. This position allows for greater flexibility, shock absorption and stability. This pillow places the users body in a position relevant to gravity that maximizes muscle performance during lower abdominal exercises, while decompressing the spine. Compared to similar equipment, the Back Up Pillow® reduces the load on the lower back by placing the buttocks in a relaxed 20° position, rather than straight on the floor.

The Back Up Pillow® allows users to perform a full range of lower abdominal exercises in the comfort of a tilted position without loading the back. You'll be amazed at the ease on the lower back when Straight Leg-Sit-Ups are performed in the tilted position because your body is in line with gravity. Inverted decompression energizes the user with a full body stretch that benefits muscles and all weight bearing joints.

  • Free Instructional Workout Poster

  • No Assembly Required

  • An Effective Abdominal Workout In Less Time

  • Prevents Assistance From Your Hip Flexor Muscles

  • Cushioned Lumbar Support Provides Comfort

  • Tones The Oblique Muscles

  • Supports Your Lower, Middle And Upper Back

  • Affordable Priced

  • Light In Weight, Perfect For Traveling

  • Stores Easily

  • Accommodate users 4'8" to 6'6"

  • Weight Limit up to 300 lbs.

  • 14" W x 24" D x 6.5" H