Free Flow - For Sinus Relief Therapeutic Oil

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You can stop all the things that are trying to stop you in your tracks. There is no better way to gain the edge over your Sinuses than with this unique formulation. It gives you the fresh release to breathe, live and operate in top class buoyancy. There are times when you do not know where to turn due to the effects of your Sinuses. This product puts a full stop to this challenge because you can count on it when your are struggling to breathe. It is the key to unlock your health and keep you full of vitality. 1 oz.

Metaphysical Cause: Irritation to one person, someone close. Singular feeling of conflict. Unresolved issues. Free Flow has helped many sinus sufferers to breathe again. Every customer has reported a different way to use the oil and it works great for them. 

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