Happiness In a Bottle Therapeutic Oil

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This is a leading performer especially when you want to live an exuberant and cheerful life. It takes away anything that tries to clog the flow of joy in your soul. This blend of therapeutic oil comes tops in every range. It is ideal for the young, old and everyone in-between. You can use it for your general body application, or it can be used as a soothing formula that helps to calm your mind. In whichever capacity that you use this product, it is able to deliver with precision. 1 oz.

Metaphysical Cause: Loss of connection with God/Universal energy. Feelings of loss, anger and lovelessness. Happiness In A Bottle is just that. Take a whiff and before you know it, you feel so much better. Life isn't near as bad as it appeared to be. It gives you a great sense of "all is well with the world." 

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