Level 3 Chest / Body Toner

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Firm your upper body and chest in the most convenient and easy way with quick results.

Available in 3 different resistance levels:
Level 1 - Light Resistance - For kids, women, men and rehab (no longer available)
Level 2 - Medium Resistance - For the average men and women (no longer available)
Level 3 - Heavy Resistance - For the strong men and women

  • Steel rod with comfortable grips
  • Strengthens arms, shoulders, abs and back
  • Trims and tones waistline
  • Great upper body workout
  • Considered one of the best Tricep and Chest developers
  • Firm, tone and develop Abdominal muscles
  • Isolate and develop the Back and Biceps
  • Length: 29" Long
  • Heavy resistance


Please note: Due to increase shipping costs, there will be a $5 additional charge to orders shipped to western states starting from Colorado to the west coast.