Power Push Up Bars

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The Power Push Up Bars are one of those amazing products that are great for push-ups and stretching and improves strength in upper body, arms, legs & stomach. Target chest, shoulder and back muscles, these push up bars are perfect for any fitness level and athletes.

More than Just Push Up Bars......These are a Portable Upper Body Workout in a Bag. Made in Canada of High Density plastic, they are lightweight and travel easily for a Fitness Workout on the Go! When placed in various positions on the floor, you can target and train specific muscles in your upper..........ANYWHERE. At Home, at the Office, in your Hotel Room.

These Push Up Bars are designed to dis-assemble easily, and because they are compact and lightweight, they pack into your luggage or gym bag without a hassle. They even come in their own travel bag. A MUST HAVE FITNESS PRODUCT FOR PEOPLE ON THE GO LADIES - These are also great for calf extensions and stretches, bicep/tricep toning, and strength training.

Target your upper body workout, perform raised push ups in a variety of hand positions to target the arms, shoulders pectorals and back. Comfortable on the wrists, raised Crossbars grip easily and prevent wrist hyper-extension during push ups.

  • High Density Plastic Uprights and Crossbar - Durable and lightweight with "No-Scratch" foot pads
  • Disassemble uprights from crossbar to take to the gym or for travel in it's own drawstring bag
  • Crossbar locking pins prevents movement during exercise
  • Portable Upper Body Workout in a Bag
  • Great for push-ups and stretching
  • Improves strength in upper body, arms, legs & stomach
  • Aids in strengthening your upper body
  • Targets chest, shoulder and back muscles
  • Designed to dis-assemble easily
  • Sold As  A Pair