Super Heavy Resistance Exercise Cable

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Very popular with fitness studios throughout Europe, these exercise stretch bands are compact and portable all-body exercise system that will help you perform more than 30 stretching and strengthening exercises safely and comfortably.

  • Progressive resistance / isolation of targeted muscle groups

  • Upper body workout / full range of motion exercise

  • Great for travel

  • Soft foam handles for extra comfort

  • Super Heavy Weight

Designed to help you increase lean muscle mass and improve overall body composition.

  • High quality resistance tube for strengthening and toning targeted muscle groups.
  • Molded foam handles provide extra comfort.
  • Heavy duty woven door jamb attachment facilitates more advanced training.
  • Adjustable length and resistance to accommodate all fitness levels
  • Perfect for Travel!  These exercise stretch bands are light and compact and can easily fit into your carry-on or luggage. Made from durable materials and can follow you wherever you go
  • Use the Band to increase your flexibility, tone and strengthen your entire body and increase your range of motion.
  • There are over 30 exercises you can perform with these exercise stretch bands.
  • Super Heavy Weight